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‘Every Day is Different’ – with Chris Dickinson

Today we’re in Cumbria to meet farmer and entrepreneur Chris Dickinson. Chris is involved with a number of different businesses, with a particular emphasis on the poultry industry but by no means exclusively. For example, one of his businesses is a goat meat business based on his family’s farm. Chris is a board member of the Wagyu Breeders Association; he’s a member of the Yorkshire Future Farmers Association, The Tesco Future Farm Foundation and has been a scholar with the Henry Plumb Foundation. 

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Image credit: Chris Dickinson



00:27 Ben introduces the show.

01:25 Chris comes in.

01:50 Chris balances many hats – how does he manage this?

04:22 Chris’s upbringing. 

05:00 Newcastle.

06:10 Chris’s enjoyment and interest in poultry. 

07:23 Chris’s time at the NFU.

10:09 Chris’s entrepreneurial side – key figures who have inspired him – turkey farmer Derek Kelly especially. 

12:43 Sponsor message for A Plan Rural Insurance.

13:28 Chris’s family farm and the context behind it. 

16:38 Goats.

20:22 The goat meat market and where Chris’s meat is going. 

22:04 Message from RuralPod Media.

22:54 Chris’s wider business hat and his involvement with other businesses. 

25:36 Chris’s future and what he wants to do next. 

27:36 Broader farming issues – challenges currently. 

29:32 Egg crisis

30:45 Optimistic for the future?

33:39 ‘Farmers need to be nicer to each other’.  

35:04 New podcast – Three Pronged. 

37:00 Ben rounds up. 

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