Meet the Farmers

Farm Safety Week Special – with Richard Wade

To mark Farm Safety Week we are discussing what is probably one of the most important topics in farming – keeping people safe and well on farms. Ben’s guest is very well placed for this week with rich experience in occupational safety and compliance across a number of different sectors, which includes agriculture. Richard Wade is Director at Risk and Safety Compliance Services which provides health and safety auditing, management and training services across the UK.  Rich has a background in the armed services. 

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Image credit: Richard Wade



00:27 Ben introduces the show.

01:10 Richard comes in. 

01:26 Richard’s background in the army medical corps.  

02:39 The history of health and safety.

04:58 Rich’s link with farming.

06:12 Transition into civilian life.

07:30 Why is Farm Safety Week so important?

08:48 How does farming compare with other sectors in terms of how dangerous it is?

10:00 Sponsor message from A Plan Rural

10:46 Common issues that are perhaps quite simple to fix. 

12:30 Places will be looking at safety already and yet it’s still happening – why?

15:27 RuralPod Media message.

16:15 What can be done and where to start?

18:58 There’s always risk but it doesn’t need to be deadly.

19:10 Sponsor message for A Plan Rural.

19:45 The issue of time.

20:59 Bringing it together – the importance of peer to peer discussions. 

23:06 Rich’s message for the public.

23:48 Rich’s message for farmers.

24:25 Health and Safety Executive website link. 

25:07 Ben rounds up. 

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