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Farming and Agri-Software – with Adam Short

Today we’re in Devon with new entrant to farming Adam Short. Adam’s primary professional background is in the IT sector and indeed his primary line of work today, alongside life on the farm, is in agri-software, a subject that I’m sure will be of interest to many of you, which is partly why I’ve asked him on the podcast. He’s had a varied career prior to moving into the agricultural community and he moved to his small farm in Devon in 2016. He’s the current Registrar for the Old English Goat Society and achieved rare breed recognition for them in 2020. And, alongside Kim Brook and Flavian Obiero, Adam is the co-founder of the Pig Exchange Network, which aims to fill gaps around knowledge exchange for smaller scale pig producers. 


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Show References

John Richardson and the Futurenauts podcast

Image credit: Adam Short



00:27 Ben introduces the show.

1:42 Adam comes in.

1:58 Week 6 of lambing.

2:20 Adam’s life growing up – far away from farming.

4:26 Adam went to Aber to do a degree in software engineering. After this he met his first farmer near Brecon. 

6:30 Adam considers getting into agriculture. 

6:50 The challenge of getting into farming. 

8:00 Was it difficult being ‘an outside’ – did Adam feel this was an issue?

10:30 Adam’s IT career.

15:00 Sponsor message from A Plan Rural Insurance.

15:46 Adam does IT freelance work. 

17:10 8 acres in Leicestershire – where does Adam go next?

20:35 Mental health.

21:25 Adam applies for farm management roles. 

24:15 Adam can afford to buy a smallholding. 

27:05 The farm in Devon.

31:00 Goats.

35:08 Pigs and the Pig Exchange Network. 

42:40 IT side of Adam’s career – focus on data. Genetic diversity – why is that a focus? Where does Adam see this going?

52:10 Adam’s message for the public.

52:25 Message for farmers. 

54:00 Adam recommends John Richardson and the Futurenauts

55:22 Ben rounds up. 

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