Meet the Farmers

Farming and Podcasting in Ireland – with Noel Clancy

We’re heading over the Irish Sea again today to meet Tipperary beef and sheep farmer and farming podcaster Noel Clancy. Out the Gap, Noel’s podcast, is a monthly podcast recorded on location with farmers across Ireland.


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Image credit: Noel Clancy



00:27 Ben introduces the show.

01:28 Noel comes in.

01:58 Noel describes his area in south Tipperary.

04:12 Noel’s influences growing up. 

06:13 Sponsor message for A Plan Rural Insurance.

06:59 Reduction of stock numbers in Ireland. Challenges that Noel faces as a farmer.

09:38 Noel’s feeling as to sentiment on the ground in Ireland. 

10:45 Where does Noel see his farm going in future?

13:58 Out the Gap Podcast

17:38 Deciding on guests for the podcast.

19:55 RuralPod Media message.

20:44 The role of podcasts in terms of telling farming stories – what does Noel think?

24:55 Sponsor message for A Plan Rural Insurance.

25:19 Coming up on Out the Gap Podcast

27:00 Where is Noel going with the podcast in future?

29:55 Noel’s message to the public.

31:17 Noel’s message to farmers. 

33:00 Noel’s suggestion of someone to follow. 

34:02 Ben rounds up. 

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