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How to Fail at Farming – with Josh Heyneke

How to Fail at Farming

Ben speaks to Josh Heyneke in this episode who farms ducks for eggs with his wife Abi in Pembrokeshire. Josh and Abi left their city lives to go farming, and have experienced many trials since then. Last year Josh made a video called How to Fail at Farming and launched a crowd funding campaign to save the farm. This is his story. 

Parc Carreg is the farm. 

The link to their youtube channel – here


About Ben

Ben Eagle is a freelance rural affairs and agricultural journalist and podcaster. He also produces podcasts for a number of other rural organisations. You can find out more at 

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00:00:27 Ben introduces the show.

00:03:00 Josh comes in

00:03:28 Ben asks Josh to tell us about his roots in South Africa, how he came to London and met Abi.

00:08:04 Josh adjusts to a new kind of life working alone

00:09:00 Josh and Abi decide they want to farm

00:10:09 Were Josh and Abi actively looking for farmland? And Josh and Abi take a trip to South Africa.

00:13:20 Josh and Abi get some bad news.

00:15:22 One Planet Developments

00:21:35 The business plan and the start of ducks

00:24:15 the only organic duck egg producers – why is that?

00:28:46 2022 was a tough year for Josh and Abi

00:30:10 The How to Fail at Farming video

00:35:00 Cashflow issues. Josh and Abi didn’t have enough cash to buy their next load of feed.

00:37:47 Monetisation on youtube.

00:43:15 How does the crowdfunder help Josh and Abi in the long run?

00:44:15 Insect production.

00:47:07 There are two ways of seeing everything. 

00:52:05 Ben talks about failure.

00:57:30 The perception of farmers in the public.

01:02:22 Josh’s message to the public.

01:02:58 Josh’s message to farmers.

01:03:55 How to follow Josh and Abi. 

01:04:51 Ben wraps up the episode. A lesson in resilience. 

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