Meet the Farmers

JB Farming Life – Ben meets Jen Braithwaite

Link to JB Farming Life on youtube – click here

00:18 Ben introduces the show

01:40 Jen comes in

01:48 Jen talks about her life in Lincolnshire

02:26 Jen explains the challenges of their arable rotation over the last few years.

06:10 How did James and Jen meet?

08:00 How has Jen’s perception of farming changed, having not coming from a farming background?

10:58 Jen talks about her career in PR and motor sport before the farm.

15:55 Journalists covering motorsport before technology improved.

17:13 How Jen came to work with her brother.

20:22 Jen talks about their youtube channel JB Farming Life

21:50 Youtube as a tool for farmers to get their messages across to the general public.

23:30 Diversification on the farm. 

24:30 Jen’s message for the public.

25:09 Jen’s message for farmers.

27:18 Jen’s shout out for @wifeonthefarm on Instagram

29:15 Round up. 

Image credit: Jen Braithwaite, JB Farming Life

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