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Open Farm Sunday 2023 – Is your farm signed up this year?

Open Farm Sunday is just around the corner and organisers LEAF are still encouraging as many farmers as possible to sign up. The official date for this year’s event is Sunday 11th June. But if you’re a farmer, why should you consider getting involved? Well to find out Ben is joined today by LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday Manager Annabel Shackleton and poultry and arable farmer Jenny Olds from Cornhill Farm in Cornwall. 


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Ben Eagle is a freelance rural affairs and agricultural journalist and podcaster. He also produces podcasts for a number of other rural organisations. You can find out more at 

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00:27 Ben introduces the show

1:35 Annabel Shackleton introduced Open Farm Sunday

2:42 Over 150 farms are already signed up.

3:14 The theme for this year’s event is stories and storytelling.

4:40 Why does Annabel think that Open Farm Sunday retains its profile? Food is in the news and the media now. People are more interested in food. 

7:00 Open Farm Sunday doesn’t need to be a huge event. 

7:16 Sponsor message for A Plan Rural Insurance

8:00 Jenny introduces her farm.

9:20 Why did Jenny want to get involved in Open Farm Sunday in the first place?

11:20 Jenny talks about her first moment?

13:35 Jenny gets a shock…

14:45 Ticketing systems.

17:02 Annabel explains how OFS has changed over the years. 

20:45 LEAF Open Farm Sunday ambassadors.

22:22 What is happening at Jenny’s event this year?

24:24 Sponsor message for A Plan Rural Insurance

24:47 Jenny’s message to a farmer considering to get involved.

27:00 Where do interested farmers go?

27:49 Annabel’s message to the public.

28:49 Jenny’s message for farmers. 

29:20 Ben rounds up the show. 


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