Meet the Farmers

Permaculture on a farm scale – with Huw Evans

Today we’re in south Wales near Abergavenny and Ben is meeting Huw Evans who runs Three Pools Farm. Three Pools is a 141 acre farm made up of a mixture of pasture and woodland. Located in the foothills of the Black Mountains, the farm is inspired by permaculture design. In addition to the farm enterprise Huw organises a number of different events to get more people onto the farm. 

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Image credit: Huw Evans



00:27 Ben introduces the show.

01:16 Huw comes in.

02:00 Huw talks about the landscape around the farm.

03:12 How did Huw get into permaculture?

05:05 Huw buys the farm.

05:18 Huw’s first year on the farm.

05:53 What is permaculture?

06:42 Permaculture on a larger scale.

07:23 Permaculture outside of the UK.

08:02 What is being produced on the farm?

09:47 Sponsor message from A Plan Rural

10:33 Aspirations for the future.

12:18 Vision for going forwards.

14:00 Perception.

16:00 Rural Pod Media message.

16:48 What are the similarities between permaculture farms?

19:30 Sponsor message from A Plan Rural.

20:01 What have Huw’s learning points been?

21:12 Huw’s message for the public.

22:10 Huw’s message for farmers.

22:57 Huw shout out for Blind Boy Podcast

24:12 Ben rounds up the episode. 

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