Meet the Farmers

Reflecting on another 100 episodes with Will Evans

Another hundred episodes has gone past and we’ve been all over the British Isles from the north of Scotland to Cornwall and the Isle of Man to Sussex and met farmers from pretty much every sector – dairy, pigs, poultry, horticulture, cereals, potatoes, sheep and beef. We’ve discussed the environment, politics, culture, new entrants, challenges, inputs, policy, trade and profiled some amazing personal stories. We’ve championed some fantastic farmers, which is what this podcast is all about. In this episode we look back through the archive at some of the last hundred episodes.  Ben is joined by Will Evans – who is an arable and beef farmer from north Wales, the current Chair of the Oxford Farming Conference, Farmers Weekly back page columnist and Ben’s co-host over on the Kite Podcast. Will started the Rock and Roll Farming podcast at about the same time that Meet the Farmers started in 2016. 

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Ben Eagle is the founder and Head of Podcasts at RuralPod Media, a specialist rural podcast production agency. He is also a freelance rural affairs and agricultural journalist. You can find out more at or 

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Show References

Image credit: Will Evans



00:27 Ben introduces the show.

2:00 Will comes in.

2:14 Will talks about his farm and how farming this year has been so far. 

4:00 Ben explains the context for this week’s episode.

5:00 Episode 102 example with Sally Williams and Will Evans.

7:00 Ben asks Will to tell him about his early days as a Director of the Oxford Farming Conference and how the conference has changed over that time. 

12:30 Abi Reader discusses TB

14:45 Ben and Will discuss TB.

18:48 Bill Northey talking about carbon and climate.

20:30 Ben and Will discuss carbon and climate. 

24:35 Sponsor message from A Plan Rural Insurance.

25:19 Ben introduces the episode with Chris Clark.

25:55 Chris Clark on the link between nature and farming and putting nature on the balance sheet. 

27:24 Ben and Will discuss Chris’s comments.

30:40 Ben and Will discuss agflation and the rise in the cost of inputs.

33:46 Janet Hughes 

35:54 Ben and Will discuss Janet Hughes’ influence. 

38:54 Ioan Humphreys and his message to the public and message to farmers. 

41:25 Ben and Will discuss the egg crisis, supermarkets and Ioan’s comments. 

45:19 Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones and personal purpose. 

46:17  Ben and Will discuss mindset.

49:48 Emma O-Sullivan talking about the death of Daniel Picton-Jones. 

51:40 Will and Ben discuss mental health. 

55:26 Russ Carrington talking about mindset shift in regenerative agriculture.

58:42 Ben and Will discuss regenerative agriculture and whether we talk about it too much?

01:00:30 Sponsor message for A Plan Rural Insurance.

01:00:54 Ben introduces Jess Langton

01:01:14 Jess Langton on getting the next generation involved in policy direction.

01:02:26 Ben and Will discuss positivity and Jess’s comments. 

01:04:42 Will’s message to the public.

01:05:49 Will’s message to farmers.

01:07:15 Ben rounds up the episode. 



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