Meet the Farmers

‘The Voice of the Pig’ – with Mark Jagger

Pigs are back on the podcast today and Ben is joined by Mark Jagger who is based in Suffolk and works as Assistant Grower Farms Manager for BQP. BQP breeds and rears over a million pigs a year using a number of different systems including outdoor born, straw finished, RSPCA Freedom Food Assured, free range and organic. They have around 30 per cent of the UK market share making them the largest pig farming business in Britain. Mark works to help new farmers set up their buildings and operations ready for pig enterprises. Mark has worked in the pig sector for over 30 years in all areas from farrowing to finishing. In 2021 he was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Contribution to Pig Welfare prize at the RSPCA Assured Pig and Poultry Awards. 

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