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Project aims

Our founder Ben started the Kite Podcast with Kite Consulting at the beginning of Covid, during the first lockdown when market and supply chain information was rapidly changing and farmers not only wanted timely information but were unable to meet in person at meetings, livestock markets, or on each other’s farms to share and discuss. The aim at the beginning was to connect with Kite’s clients and the wider dairy and farming industry, providing the latest market information in an easy listening and informative but informal manner, so farmers could listen whilst milking or on the tractor feeding. Kite wanted to emulate “friends chatting in the pub” and discussing whatever topic was relevant and timely at the time. The aim today remains to connect Kite with their clients and the industry, sharing knowledge through the weekly dairy market update and informing ‘Team Dairy’ by discussing relevant dairy topics in a light hearted, informal but informative manner.

Project outcomes

The breadth of topics and contributors as well as reach and download numbers have grown considerably over the past three years. Listeners now get in touch through social media and email to suggest topics, speakers and provide feedback on the podcast.

‘’Ben encouraged us from the beginning to draft questions and an outline script for each session, and although we often deviate (a lot!) from this, it has proven to be invaluable in ensuring the quality of the final recording. Sharing the questions in advance with guests on the podcast allows them to relax as they know what to expect and results in a great recording. Ben’s diligent researching of the topic, combined with our briefing discussion means Ben always has a really good grasp of the aim of each recording and can offer really professional production input and advice during the recording which we appreciate. RuralPod Media’s input certainly makes the podcast easier & better overall! Above all else, Ben is a really nice person. RuralPod Media provide a super professional service with a personal touch.’’

Becki Leach Senior Consultant, Kite Consulting

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