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Financing Farm Diversification – with Andrew Hepworth-Smith

Today’s episode is mostly for farmers looking to diversify their businesses and thinking of how to finance these ventures.

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Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:03 Andrew comes in.

2:55 Andrew talks about himself and his business.

4:11 Today we are talking about farm diversification. Staying broad, what are some typical enquiries that Andrew gets from farmers?

6:09 Has there been a spike in interest in diversification from a finance point of view?

7:26 How have farmers historically viewed debt and has that shifted?

10:36 What are lenders looking for and considering?

13:59 How do lenders view established businesses and new businesses?

16:39 Taking an example farm and how they might diversify.

21:47 Message about RuralPod Media.

22:36 Financial planning and projections.

24:20 What time process does it take?

26:26  Attitudes to risk.

29:56 What does Andrew do to keep focussed?

32:30 How to get in touch with Andrew – 

33:17 Ben rounds up.

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