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Finding a niche and launching a business – with Amanda Marshall

Ben chats to Amanda Marshall, the founder of Devon based outdoor clothing business 3 Donkeys. 

You can find 3 Donkeys on their website here. 

Insta and facebook @3donkeysclothing ; 

twitter @3donkeysltd

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Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:02 Amanda comes in

2:14 The ‘why’ of 3 donkeys and how Amanda spotted a gap in the market.

4:48 Was Amanda surprised when she realised there wasn’t anything else out there to fit the need…

6:40 After the prototype.

7:28 What’s in the name – Amanda’s three donkeys/

9:20 Some things happen without planning – spotting new opportunities. 

10:44 Amanda’s advice to new entrepreneurs

12:30 Go for it!

13:00 You have to have resilience.

13:22 RuralPod Media message.

14:12 The exciting and positive side of running a business for Amanda.

16:07 Starting  a business during Covid.

17:35 All 3 donkeys’ coveralls are made in the UK

18:27 As a rural business are there any particular challenges or opportunities by being a rural business?

20:44 The size of the market.

22:12 What drives Amanda?

23:30 Inspiring stories.

23:48 Five years time. 

25:00 What does Amanda do so she keeps focussed on her goals?

26:18 ; all social media platforms @3donkeysclothing ; twitter @3donkeysltd

27:12 Ben rounds up

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