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Growth Mindset with Sam Harris

Today is all about growth mindset and getting our minds into focus to improve not just our work lives but our entire lives, and develop and hone our skills in having a mindset of growth and development. There are few people better placed than my guest today to discuss this as in 2017 he launched a podcast to explore this very thing – the growth mindset podcast – and has since produced 9 seasons covering 240 episodes, speaking to a wide range of guests in addition to focussed solo episodes on all aspects of growth and mindset. Sam Harris is a serial entrepreneur. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Podvine, an end to end social podcasting platform, but he has started multiple businesses in the past stretching right back to Pedal Power Transport Limited which he launched during his first year at Bristol University where he studied Biology. He’s also an investor, he’s travelled to over 60 countries and has some incredible stories.

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This week’s call to action

Think about whether you have a fixed or growth mindset and consider what it is that you really want in life. 

Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

3:10 Sam comes in.

3:27 Sam doesn’t like being put on the spot…

4:54 Thinking about death…

6:17 Sam talks about his background. 

7:45 Where there is a problem find a solution. 

8:32 Sam goes through some of his business ideas and realities and his learning points. 

12:05 Travelling through Asia. 

13:16 Being opportunistic and looking for new opportunities. 

14:50 Growth Mindset Podcast – why and when did Sam start it?

18:05 Sam likes doing lots of different things…if you want to experience as much as possible in life…does a growth mindset have to mean growth across all aspects of life?

19:37  There are many different elements of life – how do you categorise life and is that a healthy thing to do?

21:27 Be in tune with what area of life you need to improve at any one time. 

21:36  RuralPod Media message

22:28 Purpose.

24:38 Planning and prioritising time. 

26:34 Sense of planning and thinking what you want to achieve. 

27:20 How do you prioritise different aspects of life. 

30:32 The edge of Sam’s comfort zone. 

32:22 Life is mostly seeking some sort of risk. What is an adventure?

32:38 How much should you fail in business?

35:24 How much does goal setting drive what Sam does?

37:38 Advice on how to grow in a certain direction? What about developing a growth mindset?

41:00 How does Sam stay focussed?

43:47 How do you find out more about Sam or get in touch? 

45:04 Ben rounds up. 


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