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How to be more motivated

How are your motivation levels? Do you find yourself sometimes more motivated than at other times? This episode explores this and more. 


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This week’s challenge

Think about your why. Why are you doing what you’re doing? This should help you to keep motivated. 


Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

1:47 It is normal to not be motivated all of the time. 

2:05 Definition of motivation: the desire to act in service of a goal. 

2:58 Motivation is about finding your why. 

3:24 Why is it important to think about motivation?

4:54 intrinsic v extrinsic motivation.

6:30 How to improve your motivation – make sure your goal aligns with your values. 

7:34 Learning new things.

7:45 Progress takes time. 

8:16 Remember your why.

8:25 Find an accountability partner.

8:48 Do the simple things well – eating, sleeping, resting, exercise. 

9:04 Round up 


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