Rural Business Focus Podcast

How to Build Your Brand – with Milly Fyfe

1:03 Intro from Ben

2:20 Milly introduction

2:52 Milly discusses her own brand

4:38 Remaining consistent

6:53 Trademarking

9:37 What is a brand?

13:50 How to benchmark your brand?

15:48 Rebranding

17:05 Logos

18:56 Recognisable brands

21:31 Building a Brand on a Budget

24:47 Gifs

27:34 Grants

28:45 Good countryside brands

31:00 Round up

Milly’s website – Milly Fyfe Marketing and PR Services – Food and Farming

Milly’s LinkTree – MillyFyfe | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Milly’s blog post on why she decided to trademark her name and an explanation of the process that she went through.



Muddy Matches – Online dating site for the countryside in the UK and Ireland

Farm Safety Foundation / Yellow Wellies –

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