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How to Create a Strategy to Grow Your Business

Today is all about combining growth and strategy and getting ourselves into that mindset of thinking about where we’re going but putting that through a commercial lens. 

Veronica Still has vast amounts of experience in sales and commercial strategy across the media, events, technology and information services sectors. She has led large sales teams, managed budgets of over £15 million and has a broad skill set from negotiation to change management, advertising, sales, digital media and marketing. Apart from anything else she has a passion for success and driving things forwards and has given huge amounts of value to the teams that she has worked on and built. Currently at CH4B Vron has worked for many years in the agricultural world including nearly 10 years at Reed Business Information where she rose to the role of sales director for their agriculture portfolio, which included Farmers Weekly. 

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This week’s call to action

Create or update your strategic plan for growing your business using the tips that Vron gives. 


Contact Vron

CH4b – Central Hub For Business – The Business Success Community (

Find Vron on Linkedin – Veronica Still


Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:37 Vron comes in. 

2:55 Vron explains her background in sales.

3:57 Is a commercial strategy any different to any other kind of strategy?

6:26 Why have a strategy in the first place?

7:42 Is a commercial strategy any different if you’re a start up or a commercial business?

10:42 The GROW model. 

14:27 Roadmapping

15:37 Sponsor message from RuralPod Media

16:28 SWOT analysis.

18:44 How regularly to update your strategy?

21:10 People and teams – how best to manage your team with goals and strategy in mind? And finding the right people to undertake certain actions as well as training and coaching people.

24:20 Understanding your customers.

27:16 Funnels.

29:20 Approaching your customer with your funnel. 

30:39 Farmers – is it relevant to us? 

33:13 Getting in touch with Vron – CH4B 

34:19 Ben rounds up. 

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