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How to succeed at Networking – with Milly Fyfe

How to Succeed at Networking 

Today on the podcast Ben is joined by Milly Fyfe to discuss networking and some tips for how you can become a better networker. 

Milly Fyfe is a digital marketing and social media consultant and food and farming ambassador based in Northamptonshire. She writes the No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents blog and hosts the Countryside Kitchen Meets Podcast. You can buy her e-cookery book ‘No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents’ here.

You can find all of Milly’s links, including her website on her linktree here.


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Timestamps for today’s episode

1:03 Ben introduction to networking

2:15 Milly comes in.

2:48 Does Milly enjoy networking?

4:05 What do you want to achieve from networking?

5:40 There are lots of organisations that have opportunities to network – what are some of them?

8:52 Ben explains how there is the temptation to be everywhere and do everything, so how to prioritise? 

11:57 Ben and Milly discuss tips for successful networking. Never dismiss anyone in a room. Every conversation could be useful. 

13:40 Milly goes to Coventry

16:34 Tips for before, during and after the networking event. 

16:55 What to wear to the networking event?

19:10 What questions to ask at networking events?

21:29 Where to stand?

24:40 After the event – what to do?

28:30 Networking on social media – facebook, instagram, twitter

31:29 LinkedIn

34:39 What does Milly do to keep focussed on her goals?

36:11 Milly’s shout out’s for the week.

37:14 How to follow Milly

38:12 Ben rounds up.


Shout outs this week to: Young Farmers; Ladies in Beef; Ladies in Pigs; Daventry Farmers Discussion Group

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