Rural Business Focus Podcast

Mentoring – with Milly Fyfe and Clare Fahey

Link to the Women in Food and Agriculture Mentoring programme – deadline 14th July .

Link to Henry Plumb Foundation. 

Contain’s Milly’s ‘big reveal’ – listen on for an exclusive update about where Milly is going next…

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Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:53 Milly comes in. 

3:26 Clare comes in. 

3:46 Milly introduces herself. 

4:21 Clare introduces herself. 

5:36 The Women in Food and Agriculture Mentorship Programme.

6:39 How did Milly get involved with it?

8:00 Milly and Clare’s first meeting.

9:40 How does Clare and Milly’s mentoring relationship work?

10:58 Monthly meets.

11:26 Clare introduced Milly to another business owner in Ireland. 

13:09 The benefits of mentoring for Milly.

14:53 The benefits for Clare as a mentor. 

16:00 Rural Pod Media promo message.

16:52 What is the right time to take on a mentor?

19:20 Setting expectations.

22:00 Mentoring can be in all areas of life or business.

22:10 Milly’s ‘big reveal’

27:08 Focus on the listeners – what advice would Milly and Clare give to someone looking at mentoring?

30:05 What do Milly and Clare do so they are focussed on their goals? 

32:42 Shout outs – Milly is on @millyfyfe (all the platforms); CIC is No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents. Alltech is @alltech. Clare is on LinkedIn.

34:45 Ben rounds up the episode. 

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