Rural Business Focus Podcast

Physical Fitness, Mindset and Motivation – with Tony Ilett

01:05 Ben starts the episode

02:12 Tony introduces himself

03:17 Tony’s approach to understanding how people work

05:19 What are the benefits of getting out into the outdoors?

06:23 Stress – a good or bad thing?

08:10 You’ve got too much on to do exercise…think again

09:00 Even if you have a physical job – shouldn’t you still be exercising?

16:20 How to start?

19:05 Stage it and don’t try to do everything at once

23:51 How to find a good PT that works for you?

27:00 Should you have a fitness element in your morning routine?

31:22 Book recommendations from Tony . Ross Edgley ‘The World’s Fittest Book’;  David Goggins ‘Can’t Hurt Me’.

35:44 Tony sums up















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