Rural Business Focus Podcast

Public Relations and Rural Business with Hannah Lloyd

Find out more about Pinstone here

1:03 Ben introduces today’s show

2:20 Hannah comes in

2:45 Hannah talks about her background

4:50 Hannah introduces Pinstone

6:58 The Business Barn survey

7:40 Hannah explains what we mean by public relations

9:52 PR as ‘the dark arts’ – is that fair?

12:40 Keeping up to date and knowledgeable

14:45 Is rural PR any different?

22:12 Consistency

22:49 Pinstone’s podcast – the agri-food comms cast

25:39 The media and how PR and the media interact

29:00 Hannah’s tips for working in PR

30:20 What does Hannah do so she keeps focussed on her goals?

32:16 Innocent Drinks and Aldi

33:06 More info on Pinstone

33:40 Ben wraps up the episode.

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