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Ray Jenkins takes the leap to start his own business

Ben speak to Ray Jenkins from RJ Trees and Hedging in Herefordshire. 

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Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:31 Ray comes in.

2:54 What is Ray’s business? 

3:55 High demand which is driven by British grown and grant funding. 

4:20 Ben asks Ray to talk about his career before.

5:10 How did Ray get into growing in the first place?

6:15 Why did Ray decide to start his own business?

8:06 What advice would Ray give to somebody who is considering taking the leap to start their own business?

9:15 Shout out for Open Farm Sunday. 

10:25 What is the why for Ray? What are his goals?

11:28 A typical week for Ray and the importance of planning and thinking ahead.

13:11 The challenge of inflation and cost of inputs.

14:13 Other challenges, including the weather.

14:55 Opportunities.

16:05 Managing people.

17:02 The nuts and bolts of the startup phase – what were the challenges at the startup?

18:43 Where would Ray like the business to be in 5 years time?

19:14 How does Ray stay focussed on his goals? 

20:08 LinkedIn

21:14 Ben rounds up

21:25 Finish.


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