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Recruitment Tips – with Hugh Pocock

Today’s focus is recruitment and finding good people to help you develop your business. Often this is something that can hold small and medium sized businesses back, especially if you end up taking on the wrong people – that can cause an even bigger headache. Similarly if you find the right people and build a team of people who are committed, connected and driven to succeed for all of you then it can do amazing things for your growth potential. But how do you find those people? Well that is the specialism of my guest today. Hugh Pocock is on the show. Hugh is the co-founder and Director of Cultura Connect which is a bespoke recruitment agency aimed solely at the agricultural industry. Hugh is also a farmer and has worked at a senior level in the wider industry giving him a great perspective on recruitment and staff from many different angles. 


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This week’s call to action

How could taking on that next person help you to grow your business to that next level? Brainstorm this. 


Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:12 Hugh comes in. 

2:57 Hugh wears a number of different hats – he explains his background. 

5:02 Hugh’s time at Cogent.

6:00 How and why did Hugh start Cultura Connect?

8:32 Two stage screening process – find and interview. 

9:20 Hugh’s passion for making a difference for the lives of candidates. 

10:16 How has Cultura Connect evolved over its first few years?

11:38 Cultura Connect takes on new people itself. 

12:20 How do you know what to look for in a good candidate?

13:42 Why use a recruitment consultant or an agency?

15:35 What, if anything, is unique about agriculture when it comes to recruitment?

16:50 Does Hugh find many candidates coming to Cultura Connect from non agricultural roles? 

18:15 Fitting a job to a candidate.

19:10 How do you know if a candidate will fit well within a team?

21:34 How should a business design a new role?

22:53 How to support new staff in their role when they join?

28:35 Signs of a bad approach to going about recruitment. 

30:24 What if someone isn’t sure about taking the leap to take someone on?

32:22 What’s next for Cultura Connect?

33:05 What does High do to keep focussed on his goals?

33:38 Follow Cultura Connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram @CulturaConnect or visit

35:17 Ben rounds up the show. 


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