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Selling Direct with Helen Griffiths

Helen is the third generation of her family to farm at Longridge Farm in Gloucestershire, which is 100 acres in area. Originally a dairy farm along with sheep and traditional orchards, Helen now runs a 50 head sucker herd with Dexters, 120 breeding ewes, a dairy goat rearing system, a small pig rearing unit, 100 turkeys for the Christmas market, a livery yard and the orchard. She is also a part time lecturer in agriculture at Hartpury College where she mainly teaches livestock production. She has in the past worked there on a full time basis. In 2017 Helen’s dad died after a 5 year battle with cancer, and this was a real turning point for Helen and the business, encouraging her to go full throttle with it, especially the meat box enterprise.

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00:27 Ben introduces the show

01:58 Helen comes in

02:15 What gives Helen the drive to keep doing what she is doing?

03:00 History of the farm and Helen’s grandfather.

03:55 The farm enterprises.

05:54 Helen and Griff start buying stock. 

06:13 Did Helen want to farm when she was growing up?

08:08 Helen went to Hartpury College to do a vet nursing science degree.

09:35 In 2005 Helen and Griff take the leap to farm but Helen also gets a job as a full time lecturer in animal care at Hartpury.

11:24 This episode is being sponsored by A Plan Rural Insurance.

12:08 Helen working with her dad.

12:55 Starting out with selling direct: Helen’s tips. 

15:25 It doesn’t happen overnight but gradually you get repeat customers.

16:18 Social media takes time to build.

16:31 Would Helen expand or work with other producers?

18:35 Helen’s day to day depending on the time of year.

20:35 Lambing 2023

22:42 More information on A Plan Rural Insurance.

23:04 The apples and orchards – what does Helen do with them?

24:46 Helen’s dad gets cancer.

26:39 Flooding on the farm and wetter winters going forwards.

28:29 The future for the farm.

30:18 Goat meat is popular.

30:52 Challenges section – profitability and balancing cost of production versus profit. 

32:50 Helen’s internal battle of passing costs on to her customers.

33:24 Helen’s message for the public.

34:19 Helen’s message for farmers.

35:28 Helen’s shout out for Produce and Provide UK

36:09 How do you follow Helen?

37:06 Ben rounds up the show and what is happening next week? 


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