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Startup Colorado: Supporting Colorado’s Rural Entrepreneurs

Startup Colorado is a fascinating nonprofit which supports rural entrepreneurs across the state of Colorado in the USA. Their services include a free peer to peer Entrepreneur network, scholarships, event programmes and various services which are provided in collaboration with other business support organisations. The organisation was originally founded in 2011 at the Silicon Flatirons Center at the University of Colorado Law School. Since 2017 it has been focussed solely on the foundation and success of the Colorado’s rural based enterpreneurs, who by themselves make up a really exciting community. Startup Colorado is all about fostering growth in these businesses through strategic networking, partnership development and collaboration. 

Ben is joined by Margaret Hedderman who is the Communications Director at Startup Colorado. 


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Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:21 Margaret comes in

2:27 Margaret discusses Startup Colorado and introduces herself. 

5:50 Rural business goes beyond just agriculture. 

7:30 What challenges do Colorado’s startups face?

10:45 Backstory to the organisation. It hasn’t always been a non-profit.

17:37 How are businesses using the online network?

20:16 Startup Colorado helps people on different stages of their business journey. 

22:15 Co-working spaces

23:18 What has Margaret learnt in terms of what works for supporting businesses?

26:34 the Startup Colorado podcast. 

29:22 What does Margaret do to make sure she remains focussed on her goals?

30:15 A shout out for a rural business: Robin Hall who runs Town Hall;  Tail Wind Nutrition

32:13 Where to go to find out more?

32:55 Ben rounds up the show. 

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