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The Future of Digital for Rural Business

Today we’re talking about digital and tech and asking what the rural sector can do more of to embrace the digital space and how digital can help rural business to develop and move forward?

Host Ben Eagle is joined by:

 Emma Simkiss (Managing Director at Freestyle

Camilla Hayselden-Ashby (Head of Product at Fieldmargin

Adam Short (Co-founder of MA Systems Ltd, owner of Temple Technologies Limited and a first generation farmer)

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This week’s challenge

Write down 3 ways that you could embrace digital more in your business. 


Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:29 Emma Simkiss introduces how this podcast episode came about and introduces how Freestyle sees itself within the rural space.

3:59 Camilla Hayselden-Ashby introduces Fieldmargin and how it helps farmers. 

5:29 Adam Short talks about how he works with livestock farmers and the wider agricultural industry. 

7:36 The challenge of encouraging people in the tech sector into the rural space.

8:59 The benefits of embracing digital for rural business (starting with Emma’s view).

11:50 Tech and digital needs to solve problems.

12:41 How much of this is about digital education? 

15:20 The change you need might be a ‘process;’ solution.

16:30 What are we already doing well in digital in the rural space?

23:15 Emma asks the question of how to bridge the gap between the tech sector and farmers who are struggling with cost of inputs etc.

26:40 What role does digital have when it comes to tackling some of the bigger challenges of our time, including the climate crisis?

28:05 The digitisation of connection and communication.

30:30 Diversity of jobs available in the tech and the rural space.

34:43 What do our guests do to keep focussed on their goals? 

38:40 How to contact Emma, Camilla or Adam? 

40:40  Ben rounds up the show. 

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