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The importance of knowing your numbers – with Joey de Wit

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Joey’s handles:

Twitter – @JoeydeWit_

Email – 

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Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:40 Joey comes in and talks about his family farming background and his interest in numbers.

5:10 Joey’s background in banking.

6:30 Joey recognises the opportunity for the new business.

7:07  Why work with an advisor?

8:23 What is a fractional CFO? What services does Joey provide?

10:30 Joey’s system of 6 steps  – baseline requirement starting with a financial health check. 

12:45 Cashflow.

14:52 Costs and keeping  a handle on them.

15:40 Book keeping as a bottle neck for the business.

18:00 Chart of account. 

20:10 Reconciliation of accounts.

22:40 Message about RuralPod Media.

23:31 Using and understanding your numbers and the benefits of this.

26:46 Going beyond a basic cashflow forecast.

28:40 KPIs

31:00 Keeping accountability

32:14 Forecasting and how far ahead is it useful to forecast?

36:03 How do banks look at a business? 

36:36 The 5 C’s of Credit

41:16 The Amazon Business Fly Wheel (Joey’s interpretation)

46:00 Joey’s handles – twitter @JoeydeWit_; Linkedin ; 

46:56 Ben rounds up the show. 



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