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The Race to Net Zero for Rural Business – with Ben Tansey and Neil Harrison

How far along are you on your business’s journey towards achieving net zero? Have you already got there? Or is it something that you haven’t thought about. How are your energy costs looking and how sustainable is your energy source moving forwards? Have you already transitioned towards renewable sources, considered it or again, not even thought about it yet? That is what we discuss on this episode.

Ben Tansey and Neil Harrison are co-directors of ReHeat, based up in the north east of England. ReHeat was founded in 2011 to help businesses and communities transition towards renewables and indeed flourish without the environmental and financial costs of fossil fuels. From in house consultancy to project and engineering teams offering practical solutions for businesses Ben and Neil have built a very exciting rural business. Their client base is varied and includes businesses in various sectors from food and drink to local authorities, education, charities, hospitality, historic estates and rural communities. As well as discussing future energy challenges and solutions I want to hear a bit about Ben and Neil’s own business journey.


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This week’s call to action

Put some time in your diary to consider your energy costs and sources and how you could adapt. 


Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:38 Ben Tansey comes in. 

2:54 Ben Tansey talks about his background.

3:46 Neil Harrison talks about his background. 

5:22 How has ReHeat developed over time?

6:57 Neil discusses the local source of a fuel and the end use. 

8:10 Rural businesses are good at spending money locally.

9:05 What does ‘sustainable, secure and affordable energy’ mean to Ben and Neil?

10:50 The benefits of wood fuel.

11:40 If you are generating your own heat the cost will remain fairly constant.

13:48 Ben and Neil work with a wide variety of businesses – what is their take on how the rural sector is doing when it comes to the transition towards net zero?

16:54 What about the pace of change and the appetite for the uptake to change sources? 

19:30 The upcoming ban on new fossil fuel based heating systems.

21:50 Working in some amazing places.

22:08 The challenges of working in remote areas.

23:50 Which business sectors are further along the net zero path than others?

25:23 What is holding people back from making the transition?

29:50 Supply of biomass.

32:12 We need to be planting more. 

36:15 Recruitment and the wider business at ReHeat

40:50 Where is the business heading?

43:15 What do Ben and Neil do to keep focussed on their goals?

44:53 How do listeners get in touch – @reheatRT on twitter or visit 

45:58 Ben rounds up. 


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