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Tips to Prevent Burnout

Have you ever experienced burnout? Have you had work related stress? It’s really important we look out for it in ourselves and other people and take steps to prevent it. This is what we discuss in today’s episode. 


Episode 19 with Tony Ilett on physical and mental fitness

Episode 21 with Lucy Williamson on nutrition

Article in the Journal of Rural Studies on farmer burnout

The Warning Signs of Unhealthy Stress (in Farmstrong)

About burnout on Farmstrong

Business Health Institute piece with stats on burnout. 

Mental Health UK page on burnout


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This week’s challenge

Think about whether you are experiencing work related stress and what action you could begin to take to prevent it. 


Timestamps for today’s episode

1:04 Ben introduces the show.

2:37 What is burnout?

3:04 Common signs of burnout.

4:08 Awareness of burnout is building.

4:25 Statistics to do with burnout. 

5:50 Burnout in farming.

7:54 You may not recognise that you are burnt out.

8:36 Signs of unhealthy stress.

9:31 The twelve stages of burnout.

13:24 How to prevent burnout?

15:45 Talk about your feelings and check in with others.

17:09 Take breaks.

19:06 Have a good community around you.

21:30 Roundup of the show and call to action. 


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