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Trees On Farms Mini Series (2) – Ep1. ‘Why do we need to improve our management of farm woodlands in the UK?’

Ben has teamed up with the Forestry Commission once again to make this mini-series focussed on trees on farms. In this series we are asking three questions focussed on the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of farm woodland management. In this first episode we’ll be asking why we need to improve our management of farm woodlands in the UK in the first place? Then in episode 2 we’ll have a question time format asking ‘what farmers need to know about managing trees?’, and in the third and final episode we’ll be asking how farmers can manage their farm woodlands better, using the practical example of a woodland management plan. 

Ben is joined by his Forestry Commission co-host Jon Burgess who is a Woodland Resilience Officer based in the south west. 

In this episode Ben and Jon are joined by Dougal Driver. Dougal is the CEO of Grown in Britain, an initiative that promotes timber products grown in the UK. 

Forestry Commission:

Grown in Britain  and Join us for Grown in Britain Week 2023! – Grown In Britain


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